The Migration Stories project has recorded stories of migration into the East Midlands from within the UK and further afield. Having received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Renaissance East Midlands and Igniting Ambition, the project recorded stories of people from a wide variety of groups and communities who have moved into the East Midlands since the end of the Second World War. These may be people who have moved to find jobs or education, or who are fleeing persecution or war, or who have decided to make the East Midlands a place for retirement.

Working with the groups the project provided recording equipment and training in how to use it, and how to carry out interviews. Volunteers also learned how to edit the material into short videos about their communities. The results were shown at local events and on the Empedia website. The project was managed by the East Midlands Oral History Archive.

The project was conceived as part of the Cultural Olympics and we hoped to demonstrate that although people from all over the world were coming to the UK for the 2012 Olympics, there are people from all over the world, including the UK, in the East Midlands already. In the longer term we intend this website to be a space where projects covering any aspects of migration can post material.