The Malawi Association, Northampton

The Malawi Association Northampton (MAN) was officially formed and launched in July 2006 as a social forum for all Malawians living in Northamptonshire where they can come together and share experiences, but membership is open to all Malawians in UK. The main objectives of MAN are to promote and enhance the welfare of Malawians in Northamptonshire, to coordinate in building partnerships and networks with other local groups, solicitation of funding and promotion of Malawian culture.

Weekend meetings of the various Malawi Associations often start with a football match. This one was in Northampton in 2011.

Clement and the lads discussing which button to press next!

Volunteers from the group have interviewed Malawians in Northampton to record why people decided to come to Northampton and how they have settled into the community.

If you would like to contact MAN please contact Chairman Clement Chunga
Tel: 07846348113